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Agenda (this agenda is subject to change)

Having trouble accessing the Adobe Connect room?

If you are unable to access the Adobe Connect room, please confirm the session, track, and the time to ensure you are accessing the correct link. If you are still experiencing difficulty entering the room, you may log in to Adobe Connect using the following alternative links below:

Opening/Plenary (GENERAL SESSION) URLs:

GEN 19 Sep - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/dcoesummit2017introduction/?launcher=false/

Psychological Health URLs:

PH 19 Sep AM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/phsummit2017tueam/

PH 19 Sep PM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/phsummit2017tuepm/

PH 20 Sep AM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/phsummit2017wedam/

PH 20 Sep PM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/phsummit2017wedpm/

PH 21 Sep - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/phsummit2017thu/

Traumatic Brain Injury URLs:

TBI 19 Sep AM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/tbisummit2017tueam/

TBI 19 Sep PM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/tbisummit2017tuepm/

TBI 20 Sep AM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/tbisummit2017wedam/

TBI 20 Sep PM - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/tbisummit2017wedpm/

TBI 21 Sep - http://dcoe.adobeconnect.com/tbisummit2017thu/