World Leader in Applied Geometry

Geometrixx has been selling and servicing shapes for over 2000 years. From our beginnings as a small vendor of squares and rectangles we have grown our business into a leading global provider of platonic solids and fractals. Join us as we lead geometry into the future.

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Strategic Consulting

In today's competitive market, organizations can face several key geometric challenges:

  • Polyhedral Sectioning
  • Triangulation 
  • Trigonometric Calculation
  • Ruler and Compass Construction

Geometrixx is ready to help your organization deal effectively with all these challenges through our award winning geometric consulting services.

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Shape Technology

The Geometrixx investment in R&D has done more than solidify our industry leadership role, we have now outpaced our competitors to such an extent that we are in an altogether new space.

This is why our high quality polygons and polyhedra provide the only turnkey solutions across the whole range of euclidean geometry. And our mathematicians are working on the next generation of fractal curves to bring you shapes that are unthinkable today.